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SJK(T) Sepang

TCC assisted the school to upgrade their academic classrooms from whiteboard to multimedia education systems. Continue reading

SK Sungai Nyior

TCC assisted to replace the school’s Block A and B Classroom building’s asbestos roofs with metal deck roofs, upgraded the classrooms with LED lightings, replaced teachers’ room windows and refurbished the school’s toilet. Continue reading

SMK(P) Taman Petaling

TCC assisted in the upgrade of water system in science labs, replacement of Block A’s asbestos roof with metal deck roof, re-distributed electricity supply to each block, re-tiling of toilet and replacement of new flooring boards in the music and ABD rooms. Continue reading

SJK(C) Yak Chee

TCC assisted in replacing the existing asbestos roof and gutter with metal deck roofing and stainless steel gutter for the school’s Block A 2-storey Classroom building. Continue reading

SJK(C) Bukit Serdang

TCC assisted the school to construct two new floors above the school’s existing 1-storey canteen and furnished 7 classrooms with tables and chairs. Continue reading

SJK(C) Chen Moh

TCC repaired and refurbished the multipurpose hall with metal roof coating over existing hall roof and installed new aluminium window frame with glass panels. Continue reading

SM Chong Hwa Kuantan

TCC contributed a total of RM4 million for 2 blocks of school buildings which includes a 4-storey Academic and Classroom building and a 5-storey Hostel building. Continue reading

SJK(C) Yuk Chih

TCC assisted to the school to construct an overhead roofing between the two blocks of classroom buildings and pedestrian walkway roofing from the multi-purpose hall to the front entrance of the school / waiting area. Continue reading