SJK(C) Bandar Kajang 2

Location Kajang, Selangor
Category Primary School
Completion 29 December 2023
Donation RM47,400
No of students 274

SJK(C) Bandar Kajang 2, a new Chinese primary school, had 40 students in 2021. Since then, the school’s total enrolment increased substantially and to-date, has 274 students. Presently, the school is equipped with 5 units of smartboards in their academic classrooms.

In 2024, a total of 82 students registered for Standard 1 and as such, the school is required to open 2 new additional classes. These Standard 1 classrooms and science lab only have whiteboard.

TCC donated a total of 3 units of SHARP Education Solution smartboards which were placed in the Standard 1 classrooms and Science lab to enable all students to experience the digital learning environment.

The SHARP Education Solution smartboard aims to further enhance the learning experience of students, enabling few students to concurrently write and draw at the smartboard which encourages these students to take part in the lessons more actively. In addition, the teachers can showcase videos and 3D pictures so that the lessons will become more interesting. As a result, the teaching and learning processes enhance significantly.

Each unit of smartboard comprise of 70” 4K Aquos Touch smartboard with mini PC. Other additions include mobile stand, an interactive whiteboard pen, e-share pro license and cabling.