SJK(C) Chong San

Location Bagan Datoh, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion October 2018
Donation RM225,000
No of students 68 (2018 intake)

The school is located within a coastal fishing village that was impacted by tsunami in December 2004. The school has a total of 7 classrooms and did not have additional rooms for library, science lab and other curriculum requirements.

In addition, the school field has flooding problem, the school hall and the basketball court’s damaged flooring are unsafe for student activities.

TCC contributed funding to construct an additional classroom, toilets and covered walkway. Refurbishment and upgrade works, included tiling works for school hall, extension of headmaster room and teachers’ area, re-casting concrete flooring for basketball court and constructing pre-cast concrete drainage to overcome flooding issue, were provided by TCC to create a more conducive environment for both students and teachers.