SJK(C) Kepong 3

Location Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur
Category Primary School
Completion June 2019
Donation RM45,000
No of students 1,546 (2019 intake)

SJKC Kepong 3 is a fully-aided school with more than 45 classrooms comprising of 36 academic classrooms and other rooms for science lab, RBT (“Reka Bentuk Teknologi”), KH (“Kemahiran Hidup”).

Currently each classroom is equipped with 12 sets of fluorescent bulb lighting and 4 sets of ceiling fans. Both the students and teachers have found the classrooms too bright and stuffy.

TCC assisted to upgrade a total of 45 classrooms for this school. Each classroom has 12 new sets of Greentube (energy saving) lighting with additional 3 sets of wall fans.

The soft lighting and better ventilation has created a more comfortable environment for both students and teachers.