SJK(C) Kuang

Location Kuang, Selangor
Category Primary School
Completion 11 September 2020
Donation RM180,000
No of students 604 (2020 intake)

Kuang and its surrounding area has seen a number of new townships such as Bandar Rahman Putra. As such, the school’s enrolment has been increasing on a yearly basis and Ministry of Education purchased adjacent land for the school’s expansion.

SJKC Kuang completed its new one block of 4-storey Classroom building comprising of 18 classrooms including 2 computer labs in 2019.

TCC furnished the computer labs with a total of 61 units of Acer desktop computers, 2 units of printers, 3 units of D-link switches, 32 units of computer tables and 62 units of computer chairs.