SJK(C) Kundang

Location Kundang, Selangor
Category Primary School
Completion November 2018
Donation RM180,000
No of students 568 (2018 intake)

The school is located within Chinese New Village and the roads leading to the school is narrow.  During wet weather, the school will allow parents to drive into the school compound to drop off the students. TCC assisted school to provide covered roofing at the school’s assembly hall,  covered walkway from assembly hall to canteen and from assembly hall to Block B enabling students to walk through these buildings at all times. In addition, re-roofing works were done for the table-tennis area.

To safeguard students’ safety, security fencing and gate were installed beside school field.

As the school is located on the highest point in the village, TCC supplied lightning conductor complete with copper strip and earthing system network for the school.