SJK(C) Min Sin

Location Ipoh, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion 4 May 2021
Donation RM200,000
No of students 302 (2021 intake)

Established since 1911, SJKC Min Sin is located at Chinese new village, Kampung Baru Ampang. The school has 3 blocks of school buildings, namely Block A built in 1975, Block B built in 1973 and Block C built in 1999.

JKR carried out a physical inspection of the school’s buildings in September 2012 and certified Block B building is unfit to occupy due to termite attack. The school demolished Block B building during December 2013 school holiday period in view of student’s safety. As such, the school is lacking of classrooms and had to partition existing classrooms from 1 room to 2 rooms.

TCC assisted to re-build one block of 2-storey classroom building with 4 classrooms located on the first floor and open space on the ground floor for co-curricular activities.

The building obtained its Certificate of Practical Completion (“CPC”) on 4 May 2021.