SJK(C) Paya Mengkuang

Location Masjid Tanah, Melaka
Category Primary School
Completion 28 December 2016
Donation RM840,000
No of students 123 (2017 intake)


This school is located in the village of Paya Mengkuang at Masjid Tanah. The school had a dilapidated single-storey school building built in 1959 that was subject to flooding after heavy downpour. TCC assisted by contributing RM840,000 towards the demolition of the single-storey building and re-construction of one block of 2-storey Classroom building.


The school launched the new building known as “The Community Chest Building” on 21 September 2017. The new building has a total of nine classrooms with six classrooms used for Standard 1 to 6 and the remaining for teachers’ room and administration office.