Location Taiping, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion November 2018
Donation RM85,000
No of students 139 (2019 intake)

The Community Chest (TCC) encourages the use of ICT in teaching and learning which will ultimately improve the quality of education in the schools.

TCC assisted the school with digital transformation by installing 3 units of multimedia education systems in their Standard 1, Standard 2 and Standard 3 classrooms. E-learning initiative for both teachers and students is made possible with tools such as 55” LG 4K panel with features such as multi-touch, anti-glare and build in Android O/S, LAN / Wifi connection and digital visualizer (wall mount type).

In addition, TCC upgraded the school’s Computer Laboratory with 10 units of PC desktops and projector complete with cabling and trenching to further improve students’ digital literacy in school.