SK Bidor

Location Bidor, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion 9 November 2023
Donation RM61,600
No of students 317

SK Bidor is presently using whiteboard as teaching aid. As such, TCC donated a total of 2 units of SHARP Education Solution smartboards to be placed in science lab and the school’s library where students and teachers can rotate to utilise the smartboards.

The teaching and learning experiences at SK Bidor will be transformed as students can concurrently write and draw at the smartboard, and showcase videos.  Each unit of smartboard comprise of 70” 4K Aquos Touch smartboard with mini PC. Other additions include mobile stand, an interactive whiteboard pen, e-share pro license and cabling.

TCC also provided a total of 8 units of laptops and 2 units of LCD projectors for classroom usage to encourage teachers to deliver a more engaging and interactive lessons for students. SK Bidor requested for a printer to be placed in the office.