SK Seri Pangkor

Location Pangkor, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion 07 July 2023
Donation RM50,600
No of students 510

This school has a total of 22 classrooms, of which only 1 classroom (Standard 1) is using smart TV and the rest of the classrooms are using whiteboard teaching aid.

TCC donated 2 units of SHARP Education Solutions, which were installed in the computer lab and Science lab. The interactive smartboards have made the lessons more engaging and interactive for both students and teachers.

Each unit of smartboard comprise of 70” 4K Aquos Touch smartboard with mini PC. Other additions include mobile stand, an interactive whiteboard pen, e-share pro license and cabling.

In addition, the school’s covered multipurpose hall installed side fans but the intense heat is still unbearable for student activities. TCC installed 1 unit of  HVLS industrial ceiling fan to enable school activities to be carried out in a more comfortable environment.