SMK(P) Taman Petaling

Location Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Category Secondary School
Completion September 2019
Donation RM181,000
No of students 655 (2019 intake)

SMK (P) Taman Petaling is located at Bukit Gasing and was established in October 1965. Currently, the school has a total of 5 blocks of Classroom buildings and 2 wooden structure buildings for co-curriculum activities.

JKR conducted site investigation in January 2017 and provided an estimated repair cost of RM1.205 million to rectify critical repairs at the school.  Subsequently on 24 May 2018, the STAR newspaper highlighted the school’s dire need of repairs and refurbishment for the safety and comfort of the school’s students and teachers.  TCC immediately approached the school to resolve the school’s critical condition.

The school has a total of 5 science labs which were non-functional for more than 10 years as water supply could not reached these classes. TCC assisted to replace the water piping, install new water storage tank and basin taps to ensure the science labs are ready for students’ usage.

Another major refurbishment was to dismantle Block A’s Classroom & Administrative building asbestos roofing which was sagging and leaking with new metal deck roof.

TCC hired electrician to evaluate the school’s current tripping problem as the incoming electricity supply from TNB was sufficient for the whole school. TCC assessed the school’s usage in each block and then assisted to re-distribute the electricity supply.

Other major repairs and refurbishments include students and teachers toilets re-tiling with water proofing and replacement of new flooring boards in the music and ABD rooms.