SJK(C) Hillside

Location Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Category Primary School
Completion  22 December 2020
Donation RM1,000,000
No of students 372 (2020 intake)

SJKC Hillside was known as the “Container School” in 2009 as the school buildings were rendered unsafe for occupation due to termite attack and had to use containers as temporary classrooms. The school re-located to its present site and Ministry of Education provided one block of 3-storey building.

The total number of students increased from 88 students in 2014 to 372 in 2020 due to the development of new townships surrounding the school. As such, the school decided to extend and construct one additional block of 3-storey building including covered roof over two blocks of school buildings.

TCC provided funding to construct one block of “U” shape 3-storey classroom building comprising of 18 classrooms, teachers’ room, office, library, science lab, multimedia education centre, music and dancing room.

The new building named “The Community Chest Building” obtained its Certificate of Practical Completion (“CPC”) on 22 December 2020.