SJK(C) Keh Seng

Location Bukit Baru, Melaka
Category Primary School
Completion 21 March 2022
Donation RM317,315
No of students 573 (2022 intake)

The school’s oldest building comprising one block of single storey built in 1954 had been left vacant due to wear and tear condition.

TCC assisted to upgrade and refurbish this dilapidated building as the school is lacking of classrooms for pre-school students and common space for students’ co-curricular activities.

The school’s single-storey building named “The Community Chest Multi-purpose Hall” has a hall with pantry and toilet facilities and 2 classrooms for pre-school students. The school will be able to cater to the increasing enrolment of pre-school students and organise in-door activities at all times.