SJK(T) Ladang Sungkai

Location Sungkai, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion 7 December 2023
Donation RM44,189
No of students 20

The school has not been receiving funding aid for digital transformation due to its low student enrolment. SJK(T) Ladang Sungkai is unable to raise funds as the parents are working in the oil palm plantation and in the B40 group.

As such, TCC provided the IT equipment listed below:

  1. 1 unit of SHARP Education Solution smartboard – placed at multi-purpose classroom. Each unit of smartboard comprise of 70” 4K Aquos Touch smartboard with mini PC. Other additions include mobile stand, an interactive whiteboard pen, e-share pro license and cabling.;
  2. 7 units of laptops – placed in classrooms for both teachers’ and student use;
  3. 2 units of LCD projectors – placed in school hall and RBT classroom; and
  4. 3 units of printers – placed at school library and office.

SJK(T) Ladang Sungkai will be able to create a conducive and technologically-driven learning environment for both students and teachers with the above equipment donated by TCC.