SK Sungkai

Location Sungkai, Perak
Category Primary School
Completion 7 December 2023
Donation RM61,600
No of students 560

SK Sungkai primary school has programme for pre-school students, special needs students and KSSR students. The school is using whiteboard and LCD projector as teaching aid in classrooms.

The SHARP Education Solution smartboard, comprises of 70” 4K Aquos Touch smartboard with mini PC, will be able to transform the teaching and learning significantly at SK Sungkai. TCC donated a total 2 units of SHARP Education Solution smartboards which were placed in the Bilik Gerakan and Computer lab.

Additionally, TCC donated a total of 10 units of desktops, of which 6 units were placed in the computer lab for students’ usage, and the remaining 4 units was placed in the office.