SK Sungai Nyior

Location Butterworth, Penang
Category Primary School
Completion January 2020
Donation RM180,145
No of students 100 (2020 intake)

The Finance Minister, YB Lim Guan Eng visited SK Sungai Nyior on 16 June 2019 and the school’s 2 blocks of Classroom buildings damaged conditions due to termite attack was featured.

TCC assisted to demolish the existing asbestos roofs and replace with new metal deck roofs for Block A and Block B Classroom buildings.  In addition, three sets of turbine attic ventilators were installed at the canteen to resolve the poor ventilation and the canteen ceiling boards were re-painted.

Since its establishment in 1989, the school has been using fluorescent tubes in their classrooms. TCC proposed to upgrade the classrooms with LED lightings to create a more conducive learning environment for the students. TCC replaced the damaged naco windows at the teachers’ room with aluminum louvre windows.

TCC refurbished the school’s toilets by installing aluminum sun shade louvre panels to provide privacy at the toilet entrances, replacing damaged ceiling boards and window panels and provided additional lightings and ceiling fans.